what we're doing

Because of the cold winters, we protect our rows with either Agribon or a plastic tarp. This covering ensures that the plants underneath will have a physical barrier from the harsh weather and any critters. It always We are currently planning what we will be planting for the upcoming Spring and Summer. Our soil has been specially tailored to foster the growth of vegetables.  



With the peak growing season occurring during our summer vacation months, we embrace the challenge of growing crops during the cooler and shorter days of the school year. We do this by focusing our energies on quick-growing and cold-hardy plants. And just as the natural microclimate in our garden allows us to modestly extend our growing season, so too do several invaluable pieces of equipment – our cold frames and low tunnels. Much like the inside of your parked car can get toasty and warm on a cold but sunny day, these low-tech, transparent or translucent devices act as miniature greenhouses sitting directly on top of our plant beds as the sun warms both the air and soil underneath them. The shelter they provide also blocks the winds that would rob the garden of the ambient heat generated by the sun. It is not unusual for the air temperature inside our cold frames or low tunnels to be 15°F or 20°F warmer than the air on the other side of the pane of glass or piece of fabric.