Students operate and manage our four-season garden with following goals:

• To learn about sustainable, organic farming practices and reduce the school’s

environmental footprint.

• To engage with the ecological, economic and socio-political issues that face

small farms in New England.

• To promote local food systems and increase access to fresh produce within our immediate community and beyond.


We intentionally selected this area of the school grounds for our garden to take advantage of a beneficial microclimate that helps us extend our growing season.  The south-facing plot receives many hours of uninterrupted direct sunlight, even on short Fall and Winter days. The school building and the wooded area behind our shed act as natural windbreaks and shield the garden from warmth-sapping winds. The building also absorbs radiant heat from the sun and returns it to our soil, helping to thaw our plant beds earlier in the Spring and delaying their freezing in late Fall. The gentle slope of the garden helps it drain in heavy rains and keeps plants from casting long shadows on one another.